CoMetrics named one of most promising Supply Chain Software Solutions by CIO Magazine.

“The challenges presented by integrating with a geographically disparate group of vendors and service providers often result in a highly manual approach to inbound logistics management, which is costly, inefficient and impedes visibility,” asserts Jordan Czeizler, Managing Director, CoMetrics Partners LLC. Headquartered in New York City with offices in China, CoMetrics provides middle market companies best-in-class technology at moderate expense to enhance visibility, manage risk, optimize business profitability and in most cases drive down inbound logistics costs. Addressing a variety of supply chaincomplexities, CoMetrics leverages its proprietary software while acting as Cargo Manager for its clients, coordinating purchase order and booking management, consolidation, visibility and documentation management. “The solution helps our clients build a flexible transportation matrix capable of delivering the lowest cost transportation options while securing the necessary space, particularly in peak season,” extols Czeizler. “Optimizing this matrix while maintaining consistently high service levels, including timeliness and accuracy of data entry and container deliveries under- scores the value of our role as Cargo Manager,” he continues. The company’s SCM Platform addresses a number of supply chain management challenges, including document management sought by clients. The platform facilitates cloud-based storage of commercial documents by shipment, with linkages to related order, item and booking details. This allows for a paperless import.

CIO Review December 2014 |26|department that can easily comply with ac- counting and U.S. Customs document retention requirements.

The firm addresses the most common complexity in the inbound Supply Chain Management–the process of booking freight that requires close collaboration between shippers, cargo managers/freight forwarders, and importers. The process typically involves a considerable volume of email correspondence amongst all parties to which CoMetrics offers an approach utilizing clients’ Vendor Purchase Orders to create bookings systemically. “We provide SKU level booking visibility while eliminating the email exchange between the importer and logistics provider. This significantly streamlines workflow as our clients can log in and complete their pending or revised bookings without having to sift through voluminous email inboxes,” claims Czeizler. Systemic booking management also facilitates exception reporting to identify potential problems with unbooked orders with sufficient time to act.

CoMetrics’ expertise extends beyond the logistics components of supply chain management. The solutions incorporate EDI transaction sets for freight and duty invoices enabling fully automated delivery of LDP costs all the way through its clients’ general ledger. The company also works very closely with a number of commercial lenders responsible for financing the supply chains of their borrowers. In many cases, borrowers are not equipped to provide the detailed reporting to substantiate their in- transit borrowing requirements on a timely, frequent basis. Without the attendant visibility, reporting, and documentation management tools, this practice presents undue risk to lenders that can be significantly mitigated through the use of integrated Purchase Order & Transportation Management Systems like the CoMetrics SCM Solution. “By acting as Cargo Manager on behalf of the borrower, CoMetrics provides the lender with more than just visibility and reporting, we also ensure compliance with documentation issuance and detailed Bill of Lading instructions at origin,” Czeizler added.

Increasing the efficiency of supply chain management has always been the prime focus of CoMetrics Partners; evidenced by a series of success stories that the company has amassed along the way. The firm helped one of its apparel clients analyze and ap- prove bookings for efficient and smooth workflow. The client lacked a systematic and streamlined process to channelize their delivery requirement analysis in minimal timeframe. CoMetrics began importing the client’s retail sales order information and linked those sales orders to the corresponding production orders directly within its booking module. The enhancements provided the client with a singular platform to analyze and approve bookings by comparing production orders against retail delivery requirements to optimize transportation mode selection and reduce cost.

Looking ahead, CoMetrics has commenced a development initiative that will significantly expand the scope of functionality beyond the existing supply chain verticals that the company serves. “The slated enhancements to our platform are truly unprecedented in their design, functionality and delivery of information, which we anticipate to be functional in the second quarter of 2015,” concludes Czeizler.

About CoMetrics Partners LLC

rics Partners LLC was founded by Managing Partner Gary Herwitz. The firm specializes in working with middle market companies providing the leadership and expertise to synergize operations, technology and finance to maximize operating efficiencies and drive profitability.

The firm’s services include strategic advisory, supply chain management, lender advisory services, and financial resources.

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