CoMetrics Partners named One the 50 Smartest companies by The Silicon Review

In today’s competitive business environment, having great product, innovative technology and strong brand recognition is extremely important. Notwithstanding, success or failure is often dependent on which companies are most efficient in their supply chain and business processes. Often entrepreneurial companies have developed great “front ends” but struggle with the “back end” to manage their growth.

CoMetrics Partners specializes in providing consumer product companies the strategic vision and leadership to integrate operations, technology, and finance to optimize business processes and maximize profitability. They collaborate with executive management to overcome complicated challenges and achieve meaningful outcomes.

CoMetrics’ Service Offerings
CoMetrics delivers its services across multiple divisions:

1. Strategic Advisory Services

    a) Profit MaximizationCoMetrics core competency is developing a goal oriented management structure whereby the CFO,   CIO and SVP-Operations work as a team in driving process improvement. They objectively assess an organization’s infrastructure and divisional/brand contribution and work with their clients to maximize return on investment.

 b) RestructuringCoMetrics provides leadership to companies which are experiencing financial distress. They validate the viability of the business while simultaneously taking aggressive action to maximize assets, cut costs and improve cash flows. They help Owners & Stakeholders develop better information and execute better decision making processes while evaluating the broadest range of strategic and tactical alternatives.

 c) Acquisition Diligence & Integration Since 2005, CoMetrics has performed the diligence, assisted in the negotiation and integrated over a dozen acquisitions on behalf of clients. Their integration process commences in the diligence stage, working closely alongside ownership, the internal IT, Finance and Operations teams to develop the optimal integration plan. They design integration models to anticipate problems and avoid mistakes.

2. Supply Chain Management

    a) Logistics CoMetrics SCM drives cost savings, enhances visibility, and optimizes inbound and outbound logistics management by bringing transparency and systemic solutions to the critical area of importers’ operations.

   b) Transportation Optimization & Cargo Management CoMetrics works with their clients to establish customized Cargo Management solutions executed in accordance with a detailed Standard Operating Procedure that is crafted around the specifics of each organization’s goals and challenges. Establishing a flexible transportation matrix that incorporates definable criteria such as cost, transit time, service mode, and equipment utilization, the clients are enabled to optimize transportation decisions without sacrificing service.

   c) Visibility CoMetrics proprietary web-based visibility platform provides real-time status on vendor purchase orders, freight bookings, shipments, containers, in-transit inventory and customs clearance status – down to the item level. This facilitates transparency, from a single source, enabling the clients to manage processes by exception and increase productivity. Reports can be scheduled for automatic delivery based on specific functionality and user defined preferences.

CoMetrics serves principally consumer product companies in the $100M to $500M revenue range. It specializes in synergizing finance, operations, technology to drive efficiencies and maximize profits.

Distinguishing factors and future focus
Almost everything CoMetrics does involves a technology component. They developed their own proprietary supply chain technology to reverse EDI into the supply chain and formed a JV with a large cargo management company with offices around the world who use their technology to deliver best in class service. A new division, CoMetrics Financial Resources has been recently launched to assist companies in corporate finance and growth capital.

“We have a proven track record of successfully turning around troubled business where others have failed. We get very difficult projects done.”

Knowing the Key Executives 

Gary Herwitz, Managing Partner – Gary is the founder and Managing Partner of CoMetrics. He specializes in providing strategic consulting services to companies. Under Gary’s leadership CoMetrics has rapidly positioned the firm as a leader in developing growth strategies, streamlining business processes, and maximizing operating efficiencies. Gary graduated Beta Alpha Psi from Syracuse University and sits on several boards including the Moret Group, Nicole Miller and the Exceed Network.

Jordan Czeizler, Managing Director – Jordan has been at the forefront of many of the innovations that make CoMetrics a leader, including developing and implementing the division’s proprietary Cargo Management & Visibility software. By identifying opportunities to integrate supply chain technologies into a client’s financial and accounting systems, Jordan contributes to CoMetrics holistic approach to increase operating efficiencies, profitability, and cash flows.

Brain Ash, Managing Director – Brian balances qualitative and quantitative methodologies, incorporating his extensive experience with public and private clients in an array of manufacturing and distribution fields. Brian gives clients the knowledge and expertise required to perform due diligence examinations and identify
opportunities. Brian graduated from Pace University, Lubin School of Business.

Jerome Gregory, Managing Director – Jerome’s hands-on approach to Business Development contributes extensively to the firm’s success, from Lender Advisory Services to Supply Chain Solutions. Jerome advises clients on the full range of commercial financing options available to them. Jerome helps clients to successfully implement the most efficient capital structure for their business. He provides advisory services to clients at all stages of the lending process, from understanding the clients’ needs to producing the actual financing memorandum.

“Success is achieved by partnering with owners and executive management to shed conventional methodologies and embrace technology to drive business processes for near-term performance and long-term growth. Our Services include profit maximization, restructuring and turnaround services, corporate finance and our proprietary supply chain management solution for consumer product importers.”


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